Commercial Painting Company Oak Bay

Oak Bay Commercial Painting

Moloney Painting provides painting services for commercial properties in Oak Bay. It is something that needs true high levels of expertise, commitment and skill. This is because the delay in completing any service for commercial properties can cause a delay in operating that property, which will lead to monetary loss.
We take pride in stating that Molony Painting is one of the trusted painting contractors in the greater Victoria area.  We have been providing residential and commercial painting services since 1991 and our reputation has only been increasing with each passing year, with many happy customers. We offer the best professionals, who are qualified for the job. We hire them after a thorough check on their expertise and experience in the industry.
In addition, we also train them for specific jobs so that we do not compromise on the quality of our services. We provide various internal and external painting services for various types of properties. Painting is a long term affair. But at the same time, it needs to be finished on time without messing up with the quality of the work done. This is the reason why painting has to be delivered right at the first go. If not, it will cause a huge monitory and time loss. This is the reason why, you should always choose experts like us, to avoid additional expenses and disappointments caused by delay in work. Our promise to provide quality work keeps us as the leader in the industry in Victoria BC.
There are multiple reasons to choose us exclusively to complete your painting job. We do not charge any down payment. We buy materials at our own expense and charge you only after the job are completed satisfactorily. We provide an estimate cost for the entire job, at absolutely no charge. We always have the most updated licenses and insurance so that once the job is handed over to us, you can be headache free.  These are all the factors which make us stand unique from other service providers, as insurance, timeliness, licensed staff and zero down payment are important factors when choosing a contractor for your asset.
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