Doing business in British Columbia and Victoria makes us appreciate how beautiful this city and province is. Everyone who lives here wants to protect the environment as best they can. So naturally a lot of people ask us what kind of environmentally friendly products we use.
We too care about the environment and we always use eco friendly products where possible; from low VOC paints to paint strippers that are not solvent based. Not only do we care about the environment but we also care about our clients. Using high VOC paints and strippers would be potentially harmful to our clients and thus we choose not to use them.
We are eco friendly painters in Victoria BC and proud of it! We even created an eco friendly painting resource guide which we invite you to look at. Creating this will show you how serious we are about our impact on the earth. The guide details the potential harms from paints on your health and the environment. We even discuss the many eco friendly paint brands and accessories.

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