Today's question is one we get asked a lot as home painters in Victoria BC. Are you wondering "what brands of paint we use?" and would like to know the answer.
Read on and find out! Moloney Painting’s preference is to use Cloverdale Paint products as we have been working with them for years. But if a customer prefers another supplier, then we take that route. We have found Cloverdale Paint to be most helpful in a few situations where warranty has been an issue. Cloverdale Paint is a company that stands 100% behind their products and we like to work with a brand that does so. This is good for you the home owner in case of something bad happening and the paint not standing up.
If you are needing your home painted and not sure of the costs, be sure to take advantage of our free quote. Simply enter your details to the right of this page and we'll contact you to set up an appointment to provide a quote for your painting project in Victoria BC.

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