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When Moloney Painting opened its doors in 1991, we began with a commitment to excellence, quality services and loyalty to our customers. Today, this commitment still rings true even as we continue to grow and excel in the industry. While our company expands, so does our commitment to our clients.

In addition to our unmatched customer service, you will notice the difference in the quality of our services right away. We are proud to offer a large variety of services including interior, exterior, doors, ceilings and specialty painting techniques such as wall coverings for your home or business.

Respected Painting Company

We Get The Job Done Right

We believe it’s because of these values that were quickly becoming the most respected and relied upon Victoria BC painting company. Whether you’re looking for a quick way to rejuvenate your kitchens appearance or you are interested in completely changing the look of your business or residence from the inside out, you can rely on the variety of professional services our company offers.

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In addition to quality services and a commitment to our customers, we offer affordable prices on all of your professional house painting and commercial painting needs. We are committed to offering our clients top quality at a price they can afford, no matter what the size of the project may be. Whether you are looking for residential, commercial or industrial painting services, you will find our prices to be agreeable to your budget.

We are proud to feature the renowned products of Cloverdale paint to deliver quality results every time regardless of your needs. We are dedicated to offering you the best professional Victoria painters available and ensuring you receive the quality that you have come to associate with Moloney Painting Ltd.

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Fully licensed and insured for all of your professional painting needs, we have the experience and knowledge it takes to ensure you are getting the high quality results you have been looking for.

Additionally, we make the safety of our staff and our clients one of our highest priorities by operating our business in accordance with the industry’s most important safety standards. Our staffs knowledge base is simply unparalleled, allowing us to offer a range of services like no other painters in Victoria. Residential, commercial and industrial painting services are all available to you at any time from Moloney Painting.


This is a great question as we’re sure you want to hire a painter who has the proper licences to complete your project safely and legally. Moloney Painting is fully licensed to work within British Columbia. We have a business licence for all of the local municipalities in Greater Victoria. We are up to date with our Workers Compensation (our number is 465024). We encourage everyone to check that the contractor they’re planning to hire is up to date on licenses and Workers Compensation. Many small contractors skip this and ignore regulations, leaving homeowners liable if a worker injures themselves on their property. With Moloney Painting, you don’t have to worry about that!

When it comes to prepping surfaces for painting, we get asked a lot of questions. That’s why Moloney Painting includes full details of our preparation practices on all of our quotes. Our prep work typically inculdes washing/cleaning/dusting surfaces, scraping peeling/flaky paint, power & hand sanding to smooth edges, applying a coat of primer to bare wood, and taping/masking off windows and other areas. We also prep the surroundings by covering and protecting gardens, decks and sidewalks when painting the exterior of your home, and covering furniture and other personal assets with high-quality drop cloths when painting the interior of your home.

There is a reason why we include full preparation. If a customer requested that we just paint with no prep, we wouldn’t take the job. We like to paint what we prep. That way we take full ownership of the project’s quality in case anything goes wrong.

Choosing an honest and trustworthy painter in Victoria BC can seem difficult. There are more and more companies opening up shop every week, and it can be difficult to know if they can be trusted. But that’s why you are here. You want to know if we provide references from past clients. My name is Caio Cesar Dandalo, the owner of Moloney Painting, and I encourage you to contact our past clients so you can hear for yourselves that we can be trusted to carry out your painting project with the utmost professionalism.

There are a lot of review sites out there these days. Yelp, Google +, and Yellow Pages are just a few generic review sites for painting contractors. The difficult thing is you can’t see what those homes look like and what type of work you can expect from us.

To combat the problem with review sites, Moloney Painting provides written references, including addresses of past customers and their phone numbers (with their permission) so you can follow up directly with them and ask about their experiences with us. I urge all potential customers to check with past clients — it’s simply the best way to ensure you’re hiring the right team.

As consumers, we want the best deal. No matter if we are shopping for a new TV, vehicle or for professional painting services. That is why we often get asked if we will price match another company’s quote. We can understand you want the best possible price and the highest quality product. Homes in the Victoria area are expensive and you need to save as much money as possible when painting as part of a renovation or update.

However, price matching is not a practice that Moloney Painting gets involved in. To properly price match, one needs to ensure that all pricing includes exactly the same amount of detail and scope of work. Our principle is that we have estimated for a thorough and quality paint job with no short cuts. We don’t sub-contract and we pay our employees above market value. We have a loyal crew with some being around for 10+ years. Moloney Painting values their commitment to quality work and to Moloney Painting.

If you would like us to provide a quote for your home or business, please fill out this form. It’s absolutely free!

This is a great question because you want to know exactly how many people are going to be painting your home. Depending on the size of the project, Moloney Painting usually staffs each project with 2 painters. We never stop/start a project unless it’s a weather-related delay. Depending on circumstances, Moloney Painting can add more painters to a project to expedite the process.