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Since 1991, Moloney Painting has delivered high quality commercial and residential painting services to Greater Victoria, Sidney, Sooke, Nanaimo, and the Gulf Islands. Our experience and size allows us to provide a smooth and pleasant customer experience, with higher quality results, completed on-time — full satisfaction guaranteed

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Commercial Painting

Moloney Painting specializes in commercial painting. We have the experience and equipment required to complete commercial painting projects of any size on time, on budget, and with great attention to detail. We get the job done right, the first time.


Residential Painting

Moloney Painting’s residential team specializes in both interior and exterior residential painting in Victoria BC. Our friendly, clean-cut staff have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to produce the highest quality results in an efficient manner.


Institutional Painting

Moloney Painting has the specific knowledge, experience, safety standards, and insurance required to complete institutional painting projects smoothly and efficiently without compromising on quality or disrupting the spaces we work within.

The Moloney Difference

It is our goal at Moloney Painting to be nothing less than exceptional. In an industry littered with unprofessional contractors, we work extra hard to separate ourselves from the rest. We deliver our services with integrity and with your best interests in mind.

We pick up the phone.

Can’t get ahold of another contractor? Had a no show with no warning? Unfortunately, that’s typical in our industry. Moloney Painting is different. We answer the phone, provide tight turnarounds, show up on time, and regularly keep you in the loop. Skeptical? Call us to see for yourself: +1-250-217-8112.

Most comprehensive prep work.

The quality of a painting project is most reliant on
the initial prep work, and yet it’s the easiest place to
cut corners because it isn’t visible in the end. We
take pride in our Detailed Prep Work Process which
results in durable, long-lasting paint jobs — saving
you money and headache in the long-run.

Highest quality products.

We don’t skimp out on our choice of materials in order to benefit our bottom line. We use the highest quality, most suitable paint for the job, and have invested heavily into equipment that produces a consistently higher quality finish.

Glowing references.

Moloney Painting will gladly provide you with a healthy list of references. We encourage you to call our references, or drive by our past work. Also, check out our Google reviews and testimonials page to see why our clients love us.

Detailed contracts. Zero hidden fees.

Our contracts detail exactly what to expect before any work proceeds. It is clearly written and explained in our estimate. The final price never changes from what was initially promised, with zero hidden fees. We stick to what is promised (and often go above and beyond!).

Zero money down. Guarenteed satisfaction.

Unlike most contractors, we don’t require upfront
deposits. We are financially secure and able to
procure materials without your help. We don’t
expect a penny until you are completely satisfied
with the end result. This also incentivizes us to
complete the job in a timely manner.

Dependable, friendly staff.

Our friendly, clean-cut employees are thoroughly
trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of expert
preparation and painting. We know how to manage
projects with minimal disruptions. We stay from
start to finish and never leave a project until you are
completely satisfied.

Licensed and insured.

Moloney Painting has all the necessary business
licenses to work in your area, and any cases of worker injury or property damage are covered by our Insurance Policy. Although these may seem like
small details, this is what separates adequate
Victoria painters from the truly exceptional ones.


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When it comes to prepping surfaces for painting, we get asked a lot of questions. That’s why Moloney Painting includes full details of our preparation practices on all of our quotes. Our prep work typically inculdes washing/cleaning/dusting surfaces, scraping peeling/flaky paint, power & hand sanding to smooth edges, applying a coat of primer to bare wood, and taping/masking off windows and other areas. We also prep the surroundings by covering and protecting gardens, decks and sidewalks when painting the exterior of your home, and covering furniture and other personal assets with high-quality drop cloths when painting the interior of your home.

There is a reason why we include full preparation. If a customer requested that we just paint with no prep, we wouldn’t take the job. We like to paint what we prep. That way we take full ownership of the project’s quality in case anything goes wrong.

Choosing an honest and trustworthy painter in Victoria BC can seem difficult. There are more and more companies opening up shop every week, and it can be difficult to know if they can be trusted. But that’s why you are here. You want to know if we provide references from past clients. My name is Caio Cesar Dandalo, the owner of Moloney Painting, and I encourage you to contact our past clients so you can hear for yourselves that we can be trusted to carry out your painting project with the utmost professionalism.

There are a lot of review sites out there these days. Yelp, Google +, and Yellow Pages are just a few generic review sites for painting contractors. The difficult thing is you can’t see what those homes look like and what type of work you can expect from us.

To combat the problem with review sites, Moloney Painting provides written references, including addresses of past customers and their phone numbers (with their permission) so you can follow up directly with them and ask about their experiences with us. I urge all potential customers to check with past clients — it’s simply the best way to ensure you’re hiring the right team.

As consumers, we want the best deal. No matter if we are shopping for a new TV, vehicle or for professional painting services. That is why we often get asked if we will price match another company’s quote. We can understand you want the best possible price and the highest quality product. Homes in the Victoria area are expensive and you need to save as much money as possible when painting as part of a renovation or update.

However, price matching is not a practice that Moloney Painting gets involved in. To properly price match, one needs to ensure that all pricing includes exactly the same amount of detail and scope of work. Our principle is that we have estimated for a thorough and quality paint job with no short cuts. We don’t sub-contract and we pay our employees above market value. We have a loyal crew with some being around for 10+ years. Moloney Painting values their commitment to quality work and to Moloney Painting.

If you would like us to provide a quote for your home or business, please fill out this form. It’s absolutely free!

This is a great question because you want to know exactly how many people are going to be painting your home. Depending on the size of the project, Moloney Painting usually staffs each project with 2 painters. We never stop/start a project unless it’s a weather-related delay. Depending on circumstances, Moloney Painting can add more painters to a project to expedite the process.

Moloney Painting’s preference is to use Cloverdale Paint products as we have been working with them for many years. However, if a customer prefers another supplier, we’re happy to oblige or make alternative recommendations. We have found Cloverdale Paint to be most helpful in a few situations where warranty has been an issue. Cloverdale Paint is a company that stands 100% behind their products and we like to work with a brand that does so. This is good for home owners in case of the rare occasion where a batch of paint does not properly stand the test of time.

If you are needing your home painted and are not sure of the costs, be sure to take advantage of our free quote.

Many of our clients have come to us trying to figure out how they can budget for painting their home in Victoria BC. Our payment terms are as follows: Moloney Painting does not take deposits for work until the project has been awarded. Keep in mind that all companies have accounts to buy paint and any reputable Victoria painting company has cash flow to pay their expenses (employees and payables) without requiring a deposit. Moloney Painting expects payment only when our customers are 100% satisfied with the project’s results. I encourage any homeowner to never pay up front for painting services.

Doing business in British Columbia and Victoria makes us appreciate how beautiful this city, province, and planet is. Everyone who lives here wants to protect the environment as best as they can. So naturally, a lot of people ask us what kind of environmentally friendly products we use.

We too care about the environment and we always use eco-friendly products where possible — from low VOC paints to paint strippers that are not solvent-based. Not only do we care about the environment but we also care about our clients. Using high VOC paints and strippers would be potentially harmful to our clients and thus we choose not to use them.

We are eco-friendly painters in Victoria BC and proud of it! We even created an eco friendly painting resource guide which we invite you to look at. Creating this will show you how serious we are about our impact on the earth. The guide details the potential harms from paints on your health and the environment. We even discuss the many eco-friendly paint brands and accessories available on the market.

When it comes to our painting services in Victoria BC, we get asked a lot of questions. Many of those questions deal with our free estimates and whether any additional/hidden fees could pop up.

Moloney Painting includes all known work in our estimate. We always do a site tour and never a drive-by. It is important that we meet all of our potential customers face-to-face when possible. That way we can take note of your needs and desires and write all the relevant details in our estimate. Moloney Painting stands behind our written estimates and no additional charges will be added, unless at the request of the homeowner.

If you are in need of commercial, residential exterior and/or residential interior painting, submit a free estimate request or contact us today.


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