We get asked a lot of questions on a daily basis. We've been answering them through a series of blog posts like this one. You can read the others by clicking this link.
When it comes to quoting a job and prepping when painting a home, the most common one is "Do you include prep time in your quotes?"
My name is Caio Cesar Marcondes and I am the owner and one who is in charge of quotes here at Moloney Painting. I will answer this common question we get asked below so you can better determine which painting company to choose for your home or business here in Victoria BC.
All prep work is included and detailed in every estimate. Moloney Painting firmly believes this is what sets us apart from other paint companies here in Victoria BC. We have the experience to know this is vitally important. Most people see the finished product and comment on the colours (i.e. decoration).Moloney Painting sees painting as preservation. We are preserving the surfaces that we are painting to enhance the longevity of all surfaces.

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