Do you sub contract any work or do you do it all yourself?

At Moloney Painting we get asked a lot of common questions about our painting service in Victoria BC. We felt the need to answer these questions on our website so you can make an informed decision about hiring painters in Victoria BC.
Today's question is "Do you sub contract any work or do you do it all yourself?" We can understand how this is such a common question. After all, a painting contractor has numerous jobs on the go and needs a lot of employees to operate.
However, Moloney Painting never sub contract any portion of our work. We have hired the best painters and feel that our work is always consistent. If we were to hire sub contractors, we feel our work might suffer and not be to the standards we want. We only use our own salaried employees and we deduct income tax from them. We pay our WCB Premiums on time. We pay payroll deductions every month and submit our UI and CPP premiums on behalf of employees on the 15th of every month.

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