Choosing a honest and trustworthy painter in Victoria BC can seem difficult. They are many companies opening up shop and it can be difficult to know if they can be trusted. But that's why you are here. You want to know if we provide references from past clients. My name is Caio Cesar Marcondes the owner of Moloney Painting and I want you to be able to seek out our past clients so you can trust us with your painting job in Victoria BC.
There are a lot of review sites out there these days. Yelp, Google +, Yellow Pages are just a few generic review sites for painting contractors. Then there is Home Stars and Trusted Pros specific for contractors. The difficult thing is you can't see what those homes look like and what type of work you can expect from us.
To combat the problem with review sites, we at Moloney Painting can provide written references, including addresses of customers and their phone numbers so you can follow up directly with past customers and ask them about their experience with us. I urge all potential customers to check with past clients. Now you most likely won't be able to see the interior

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