11 Interior Paint Colours We Love To Feel Cozy This Fall

fall paint colours yellow kitchen

New interior paint in a bedroom, kitchen, or almost any area of the home, is a simple and effective way to create a warm, irresistible place to get cozy this fall. Many leading interior paint trends today are perfectly on-point to inspire a space to revel in the season’s cooler temperatures and rich colours. 

We have eleven interior paint colours our professional interior painters love that will help you convert any space into the perfect fall retreat.

Get Cozy with Fall’s Top Interior Paint Colour: Dusty Pink

This year, soft, muted tones are gaining steam for residential interior wall colours, and dusty pink is rapidly becoming a favourite. Dusty pink is being used by interior designers to serve as a warm, neutral background that enhances the warmth and comfort of a master bedroom, dining room, or powder room.

dusty pink interior paint

Get Rich with Dusty Rose

Incorporate dark woods, bronze accents, and heavy wool blankets with dusty rose walls to create a rich space to stay warm in. Try Farrow & Ball’s Dead Salmon for your fall-inspired transformation.

Embrace Cottagecore with Pale Rose

Cottagecore aesthetic is loved by many. This is probably because the new trend aims to bring cottage life’s relaxed and modest atmosphere into our everyday homes. And who doesn’t love a cool September evening at a cottage? Bring the splendour of fall cottage living into the kitchen or entryway with a pale, light version of dusty pink. For a cottagecore inspired pink, we recommend Proposal by Benjamin Moore.

Warm-up With Brown Interior Paint 

Spiced tea, mulled cider, and a classic pumpkin latte can provide more than an afternoon treat. Let the colours of one of your favourite fall drinks inspire a warm interior painting project this season. Just imagine enjoying a great book while surrounded by rich rustic browns and creamy neutrals.

The colour brown is known to create feelings of wholesomeness and greater connections with loved ones. We recommend the following browns for wall colours that can help embody family togetherness and comfort:

Get A Gourd-Geous Kitchen with Harvest Inspired Wall Paint

Harvest colours have been a staple of interior decor trends for years. Butternut squash yellows, pumpkin oranges, and deep cedar reds have served primarily as accent colours for neutral and white wall palettes. 

However, as the white-on-everything trend ebbs further away in 2021, more designers and homeowners turn to bold harvest colours as interior wall paint choices. Lean into this wholesome trend and quickly create the fall kitchen of your dreams.

Try any of the following late-season harvest colours from Cloverdale Paint for a cozy, autumn kitchen experience. Each is ideal for adding comfort and energy to a kitchen with primarily white cabinets.

  • Maize
  • Boredom Buster
  • Sunstone

Go Deep with Green Wall Paint

Colours inspired by dark moss, lichen, and evergreen boughs can invoke the sense of strength and whimsy found deep within autumnal woods. Bring the quiet force of nature into your home with deep green interior wall paint.

Try dark green walls in conjunction with lighter flooring, natural fibre accessories and warm gold-embellished lighting options in a master bedroom or large living room. This blend of contrasting textures will bring comfort and upscale appeal worthy of a secluded fall getaway.

Deep greens to try are Jungle Adventure by Cloverdale Paint, Essex Green by Benjamin Moore, or Isle of Pines by Sherwin Williams.

Use Professional Painting Services for Perfectly Cozy Results

Professional interior painting services will guarantee your interior design project this fall turns out beautiful and polished. Moloney Painting has been providing excellent painting services to residents in the Greater Victoria Area since 1991. Contact our team for more information on our house painting services or booking your interior painting project.