The Importance of Hiring Commercial Interior Painters for Projects

interior painters for commercial projects

Builders and construction companies may be tempted to save money on a job by painting interior commercial spaces themselves. Hard-working labour crews may seem like a good solution for saving both time and money on a job site. However, if the workers aren’t professional interior painters, the final results can have negative consequences. 

For instance, client dissatisfaction is common in jobs with poor interior painting results. In addition to keeping customers happy, there are other vital reasons for industrial and residential contractors to hire interior commercial painters. In this article, we’re exploring those reasons. 

Showcase Quality Work

In many commercial projects, most of the work occurs inside the walls of the home or building. However, clients often don’t see where their hard-earned money goes as it inevitably becomes neatly tucked behind smooth, clean walls.

This reason makes interior commercial painting an essential finishing task on a job. If a crew of interior commercial painters does their job well, the client’s confidence in the project as a whole will soar. 

Outsourcing painting to a commercial company will result in sleek-looking walls that nicely demonstrate the high-quality work employed throughout the project.

Guaranteed Client Satisfaction

Interior painters can heavily influence how happy a client is with a significant renovation or construction project. Presenting a final product of the highest quality and completed by a crew who demonstrated respect for the workspace’s property and residents is a great way to ensure clients are thrilled with the results.

Happy Clients = More Business

It’s no secret that client satisfaction is paramount for general contractors and project managers. Online reviews by former customers, word of mouth, and accreditations with respected consumer bureaus directly influence a company’s reputation.

For example, in 2020, BC’s Better Business Bureau saw over 63000 inquiries on their website from consumers looking for a reputable general contractor. Overall, the top nine searches on their site were for home maintenance and renovation services such as a plumber, electrician, and builders.

This clearly shows how vital it is for a company to remain in good standing with its clients, associates, and vendors. Collaborating with a professional painting team specializing in outstanding customer care and maintaining their business accreditations can help further a contractor’s reputation.

Insurance and Warranty Provided

A key benefit of outsourcing painting services to another company is access to their provided insurance and warranties. Quality commercial painters will back their work with a warranty both the contractor and customer can rely on and have proof of insurance.

Use of Appropriate Products

Skilled commercial painters have extensive knowledge of paint products and know how to select the right product for the job. Interior commercial painting projects may need unique coating solutions based on the nature of the building and its space’s intended use. 

When selecting a painting company for a commercial project, be sure they can easily answer the following product selection questions:

  • What paint is best for a high humidity environment, such as a commercial kitchen, building vestibule, or bathroom?
  • What paint is safe for use in spaces where children frequent, such as daycare centers or schools?
  • What type of paint is best for an industrial setting, such as a manufacturing facility, warehouse, or automotive centre?
  • What paint colour is best for an interior commercial painting project?
  • What paint can help reduce mould growth and mildew in a new construction build?
  • What paint is best to prevent exposure to volatile organic compounds?
  • Are there eco-friendly paints? What are their pros and cons?

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