A common question we get asked at Moloney Painting is "Are your insured and bonded?' This is a great question to ask and anyone looking to hire a painter in Victoria BC should be hiring one who is insured and bonded as well fully licensed.
Moloney Painting is insured for Public Liability for $5,000,000.00. The industry standard is usually 3 million liability but we go the extra step to ensure we are sufficiently covered. What this means that if we were to have an accident at your home or office, you are covered up to our insured amount. Whilst we have never had to use this policy, I believe it’s a fundamental part of any business especially one for painters in Victoria. If requested we can provide our policy for your viewing prior to starting your project.
As for bonding, we are one of a handful of companies in Victoria that have bonding. What this means that we are able to supply a labour and materials bond if required. To receive this we go through a stringent process from the bonding company. They check all your financials and thoroughly check prior projects. This bonding is usually for larger projects and what it means is that we provide a labour and materials bond to ensure all work is thoroughly completed.

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