When it comes to prep work and painting, we get asked a lot of questions. We've already answered if we include prep time in our quotes and today's question is what kind of prep work do we include. This is a great question and one we get asked a lot. We can understand what a pain it can be to try and prep everything inside and outside of your home. You want to ensure your items are not affected.
That's why Moloney Painting includes full preparation on all of our quotes. This includes covering and protecting gardens, decks and sidewalks when painting the exterior of your home. When painting the interior of your home, we protect furniture and other personal assets to ensure your items are safe and covered.
There is a reason why we include full preparation. If a customer called and said just paint with no prep, we wouldn’t undertake that job. We like to paint what we prep. That way we take full ownership of the project in case anything goes wrong.

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