Graffiti is an unwelcome act of Vandalism many homeowners and businesses face in the Greater Victoria area. According to The Graffiti Hurts Organization, it costs between $1 – $3 per person to combat graffiti in some cities.

We have found that removing graffiti once it has been detected is an excellent deterrent for repeat attacks of Vandalsim, and Moloney Painting is well versed in all aspects of graffiti removal.

As a leader in graffiti removal we understand the phrase “Image is everything”. Our cleaning staff are trained to ensure your equipment and property is cleaned to reflect how you show your business to the world.

Moloney Painting has built a relationship with many clients over the years to react once we have been notified of a Graffiti Attack, we offer a 24 hour turnabout (in most cases sooner), profanity is dealt with within 2 hours of notification.

We also can offer monthly monitoring contracts, where we monitor your property every day and remove any Graffiti as we come across it.

Our team of experts will ensure any surface that has been vandalized will be bought back to its original condition by first removing the Graffiti we also can repaint vandalized areas to restore surface back to match existing finish.

Some of our recent clients include:

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[li] Banks [/li]
[li] School Boards [/li]
[li] Utility Companies [/li]
[li] Property Management Companies [/li]
[li] Government Buildings [/li]
[li] Private Homes [/li]
[li] Businesses [/li]
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