We Offer:

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[li] Complete Prep Work [/li]
[li] Power Washing [/li]
[li] Top Quality Products [/li]
[li] Exquisite Craftsmanship [/li]
[li] Guaranteed Satisfaction [/li]

To Prospective Customers:

Many times customers are unsure of what to expect of Victoria Painters bidding for work on their home. That is why we at Moloney Painting, have developed this easy, step by step overview to help you as you make your decision.

We feel that it is important to know what we offer up front. This list will help point you in the right direction by making your decision as informed as possible.

We give you a timely estimate after you ask for one:

We schedule a specific time to do an estimate. At your earliest convenience.

We provide a detailed contract:

You know exactly what to expect before any work proceeds. It is clearly written and explained in our estimate. This is what you should expect from Victoria painters.

We work with Zero Money Down:

This shows good faith on the part of the contractor. It also means that we are financially secure and able to procure materials without having to ask for funds first.

We don’t collect money until the job is done:

Moloney Painting is a Victoria painter that doesn’t expect to get paid until you are completely satisfied. You, the customer, should get the final say in the quality of the job done. This also encourages us to finish the job in a timely fashion.

We keep you informed of our progress:

If there are delays due to material shortages, weather or anything else, we will call to inform you.

We have references:

Moloney Painting will gladly furnish you with a list of references. We encourage you to call, or drive by any work we have done in the past. Check us out on Google +!

We are licensed and Insured:

Moloney Painting, like Victoria painters should be, has all the necessary business licenses to work in your area, and any cases of worker injury and /or property are covered by Moloney Painting’s Insurance Policy.

Although these may seem like small details, it is exactly these details that separate adequate Victoria painters from the truly exceptional ones.

It is our goal at Moloney Painting to be nothing less than exceptional.