The War on Graffiti: How one Victoria Painter Has A Solution

Although some  people consider graffiti as another form of expression or art, not everyone welcomes this idea – especially business owners. According to this article:


“Unsightly and illegal graffiti has a significant impact on the local streetscape, costs taxpayers money for its removal and affects how safe people feel in their own neighbourhood.” Considering the extent on how graffiti affects everyone, this local initiative was brought up to continue bringing awareness to the removal of graffiti.


Another previous article states:

“Currently, the punishment for vandals depends on the act, ” Dennis Rivest, media relations officer for the London Police Service, explained. “Depending on the severity of the graffiti and the damage caused, the punishment could be anywhere from a warning under the city by-law or a Criminal Code charge up to $5,000,” he said.


Nowadays, different companies have many ways in removing graffiti; and Moloney Painting is one of those companies dedicated to continue effective graffiti removal in affected areas in Victoria, BC. For them, they have always believed that “Image is everything” and are knowledgeable as well as thorough in dealing with any form of graffiti. They guarantee 100% success in graffiti removal without breaking the surface or leaving unsightly marks behind.


Most importantly, they offer a 24 hour turn around in their operation – looking into the profanity and handling it using precise methods. They also do repainting where more severe damage is caused, to restore the surface back to its prior original state.


Moloney Painting has worked with public and private, residential and commercial institutions as well as offering monthly monitoring of the said property and maintaining graffiti removal elsewhere in Victoria.


Truly, Moloney Painting is not only known for every quality painting services – they also strive to innovate alternatives in helping customers maintain an effective business image.


To get started in combating graffiti now, contact us at (250) 360-6400, or use the contact form, and we will contact you right away.