Painting with Customer Service and Integrity in Victoria, BC

Being a Victoria painter is not just a job, it is also a commitment to the community of Victoria BC, and Moloney Painting is committed to all of its customers. We take pride in our the quality of work and craftsmanship; we never hesitate to do any painting project (big or small) regardless of our customer's budget. </br > Every customer will find that our array of services are true and in line with what we believe and promote. We strive our hardest to continue giving the most reasonable rates, top quality work, and working with local paint distributors to make us one of the best painters in Victoria BC. On top of which, we couple this with our excellent customer service. The moment our customer takes an interest in hiring us to do their painting project, we do not think about the money right away. We take time to invest in getting to know our customers' preferences first, because we always keep their best interests at heart. </br > A very high standard of professionalism, combined with a natural sense of integrity is also the key to our constant success in this industry. Everyone knows that there are a lot of Victoria painters; either as an individual contractor or as a company owner, and it is not entirely easy to separate the mediocre from the exceptional ones. </br > We at Moloney Painting, display an unparalleled difference in the way we determine the kind of services we offer; because we want to ensure our customers remember everything we do for them. Up to date knowledge on top of the line materials and painting products assures our customers have our consistent promise to be no less than stellar painters in Victoria. </br > We handle each and every customer the way we look after our business with the Moloney experience, and that is what has defined us over the past 22 years, and will continue to define us for all the years to come.

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