Winter technically isn't here yet although it does feel like it. The first day of winter is actually December 21st. Many people think that painting in the fall and winter isn't ideal.
Because of this, we get asked a very common question here at Moloney Painting is "Should I paint the exterior of my Victoria BC home in the fall or winter"? There is no doubt that the summer and late spring are the best times to paint the exterior of a home here in Victoria. The fall and winter are a crapshoot as the weather tends to fluxate. Take this last week for example. The pineapple express rolled through and we had some temps in the teens. However, if you are wondering if you should or can paint the exterior or your home this coming winter, you'll want to read on.
Thanks to improved paint technology these days, we can paint a house well into the low single degree digits. This is of course if you purchase the proper paint. Now, this paint is obviously more expense. Most paints are not to be applied with temps lower than 10 degrees. Unless we get temps like we had this past week, there isn't a very good chance that you can paint the exterior of your home.
The latest you want to do exterior painting is no later than mid October to be safe. This ensures we get some better temps without any rain or wind.

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