COVID-19 Safety Measures and Interior Painting Services: Moloney Painting’s Response

In many ways, COVID-19 has changed the way Victoria BC businesses can conduct business. At Moloney Painting, we’ve had to adjust our painting practices as well. We’re continually adapting to, and overcoming, the challenges we’ve faced due to the global pandemic. At the heart of the changes is our continued commitment to keeping our clients and crew safe while delivering superior exterior and interior painting services.

Learn below what measures we’re taking to stay safe during COVID-19 while still delivering exceptional residential, industrial and commercial painting services in the Greater Victoria Area.


Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Each crew member is required to wear the necessary PPE while present at a job site, as outlined by provincial WorkSafeBC regulations. This applies to both standard painting-related PPE necessary for safety, as well as those required to slow the transmission of the novel coronavirus in the workplace.

Our crew members must wear masks that cover both the mouth and nose while present on a worksite.


Practice Good Hand Hygiene

Good hand hygiene is key to preventing the spread of COVID-19. As such, our painters demonstrate and practice exceptional hand hygiene as they work, which includes:

  • Sanitizing hands before starting work.
  • Sanitizing hands before handling client property, such as a plant stand, side table, or other item impeding access to the workspace.
  • Wash/sanitize hands before returning to work after each break.


Social Distance During Interior Painting Jobs

When working at a commercial, residential, or industrial location, Moloney Painters will maintain a distance of two meters from others. Distancing from other team members, clients, tenants, and all other people present on a worksite is strictly adhered to.


Sanitize Surfaces While Painting

Our professional painters contact various surfaces while they prep, paint, and clean the areas they work in. These surfaces are sanitized as our team moves through the worksite. This is done to ensure the safety of those who may come in direct contact with the surfaces after our team has left. 

The following surfaces are wiped down and sanitized by our crew members as they work:

  • Light switches
  • Door handles
  • Doorbells/ buzzer plates


Symptoms of Illness are Reported

In the event one of our painters feels ill, they will report their symptoms to Moloney Painting immediately. Upon reporting symptoms of illness, the crew member will be asked to leave the job site and cannot return to work until fully recovered.

This applies to members working on both exterior and interior painting jobs.


Smaller Crew Sizes

Smaller sized crews are required to ensure proper physical distances can be maintained. While this may extend the length of time for a project to be completed, it will ensure that both painters and clients alike remain safe. And, the reduced number of crew members will not impact the quality of painting services the Moloney Painting team will deliver.


COVID19 Safe Exterior and Interior Painting Services

There’s no need to put-off having the interior of your home, business, or strata property painted during the current global pandemic. Our team is committed to the safety of our clients and all those present in their buildings. We have enhanced safety protocols in place to ensure a safe and secure painting experience for our customers and our team members. Book your next Victoria, BC interior or exterior painting project with the Moloney Painting team.