Why Top-Rated Property Managers Refresh Kitchens with Paint

When managing residential or commercial properties, maintenance duties are typically a time-consuming and costly aspect of the job. Finding ways to minimize the amount of time and money spent to keep properties in good working condition effectively controls maintenance costs.

Fortunately, paint is an excellent tool that can quickly refresh rental properties affordably. For example, painting kitchen walls regularly is an affordable and cost-effective maintenance solution. In this article, we share how property managers and landlords can use paint to save money and preserve rental unit conditions.

Painting Kitchen Walls Renews and Restores

Kitchens are high-traffic, high-use areas that undergo immense wear and tear in a residential or office property setting. Kitchen maintenance is expensive; however, well-maintained kitchen spaces are essential to good property management. Quality kitchen maintenance in rental units generates significant revenue and serves to prevent the enormous expense of replacing a kitchen.

Keeping kitchen walls clean and in a top-dollar condition is an easy and cost-effective upkeep measure. This is why painting kitchen surfaces regularly, such as in between occupants, is a good investment property owners should consider adding to their regular maintenance to-do list.

Key Benefits of Painting Kitchen Walls

  • Increase property value
  • Save on costly kitchen overhaul
  • Protect walls from mould and mildew


Paint Bathroom Walls Too!

Kitchen walls seem to get all the attention when discussing cabinet care and maintenance. But, let’s not forget about bathroom surfaces, they’re equally important! After all, a rental property’s bathroom quality affects value just as much as the kitchen space. A bathroom’s appearance, form and function can increase rental revenue if the room is taken care of properly.

When painting bathroom surfaces, such as vanity cabinets or walls, make your investment last simply by using quality paint products and prepare all surfaces well. Preserving bathroom walls with the help of professional painters who specialize in residential and commercial painting services will help keep your property maintenance costs in check.

Steps To Prepare Bathroom Walls for Painting

  • Clear the area and countertops.
  • Remove towel racks and hardware.
  • Wash walls thoroughly using mild detergent and water.
  • Patch and repair walls.
  • Use quality bathroom paint.


Refresh with New Hardware

After painting walls in your kitchen or bathroom, you can complete the makeover by installing new door knobs and drawer pulls on the adjoining cabinets and walls. The updated hardware will further rejuvenate the rental space. This will undoubtedly be appreciated by future property tenants and building occupants.

If you decide to replace old, outdated hardware with fresh ones, make sure to determine where to install them in the walls and door surface before painting. If the newly selected hardware will leave old drill holes exposed, patch and repair the previous holes.


Paint Baseboards, Door and Window Frames 

Other ways landlords can use paint to rejuvenate rental properties is to recoat often neglected surfaces. This can include trims, such as baseboards, door frames, and window frames. Property managers that paint wall surfaces but overlook addressing trim pieces can be left with an overall unappealing rental property. This can be avoided when attention to the details while painting is prioritized.

When painting interior trim, be sure to properly prepare the surfaces as you would with walls and cabinets. Be sure to tape off all areas around the perimeter to prevent excess paint from marking other regions. To guarantee the steps are done right, and stunning results are achieved, rely on trusted painting professionals experienced with commercial painting needs.


Consult Painting Professionals Before Painting Kitchen Walls

Before starting your next interior painting project, reach out to a professional painting company in your area. Not only will they be able to guide you through the process, but they can help you to make the right interior paint colour selection for your project. In the Greater Victoria Area, contact Moloney Painting for great advice and amazing commercial painting results.