Tips to Choose Interior Wall Colours New Home Buyers Love!

New home construction is a complex and multi-layered process residential developers know all too well. Despite the effort taken by quality builders to carefully design, plan, and construct a new house for sale, potential buyers may not notice. When shopping for a new home, buyers are often swayed and influenced by the home’s aesthetics, including its interior wall colours.


When selling a new home, it’s important to select wall paint colours to appeal to potential buyers. At Moloney Painting, we help builders and property developers in the Greater Victoria Area choose interior colours to maximize their profit margins. In this article, we’re sharing some of our expert colour selection tips.


Aim for Neutral Interior Wall Colours

Neutral colours, such as white, beige, greige, and cream, have long been the standard for new home construction wall colours. And, this seemingly industry-wide standard isn’t a budget-based choice, like many potential home buyers may think. Neutral colours in new home construction actually maximize a home’s sales potential.


Neutral interior wall colours:


  • Make smaller spaces feel larger.
  • Add a sense of cleanliness buyers appreciate.
  • Create a sense of calm.


This doesn’t mean just any white paint will do when selecting the interior wall colours for new construction. There are other factors builders should consider before committing to any interior wall paint colour. 



Choose the Right Tone

Neutral paint colours can be grouped into two main categories, warm tones and cool tones. Selecting the right tone for a newly built house’s interior walls is often based on the amount of natural light an area receives.


Warm Toned Neutrals

Neutral paint that has warm tones have hints of warm colours in their pigment formulation. Reds, yellows, and oranges are used in warm-toned wall paint colours. Neutral paints with warm tones are primarily used to create warmth. Some ways to use warm-toned paint on new walls include:

Balance a Large Room

Spaces that are large and potentially cold-feeling can be made more inviting with a warm neutral paint colour, such as Whitetail by Sherwin-Williams. Open-concept rooms are an area where warmer hues can help create a homey, comfortable atmosphere.

Add a Sense of Natural Light

Areas with minimal natural light, such as hallways or rooms with north-facing windows, can be brightened with warm-toned neutral paint on the walls.

Cool Toned Neutrals

Cool-toned neutral paints have small amounts of cooler colours in their base. Blues, greens, and violets are used for creating a fresh and crisp living space. Housing developers should consider cooler neutral colours in smaller homes with favourable levels of natural light.

Cool Tones Create a Sense of Spaciousness

Cool neutrals, such as Sherwin-Williams Eider White, are great to create a sense of space in new homes with smaller floor plans. Small home designs – a rising home design trend in 2021, with cooler wall colours, will likely be more appealing to buyers. 

Cool Colours Add Energy

Homes are increasingly becoming multi-purposeful and more energetic. North Americans are increasingly using their houses for more than just living, entertaining, and relaxing. 


Residential spaces are more commonly used for education, remote office work, secondary income, and multi-generational housing solutions. Cool-toned paint colours can help keep occupants energized for work, living, and play.


Use Trending Colours 

The use of trending colours is a great way to give a property a modern, vibrant feel. Interior wall colour trends shift slowly and subtly, but they do evolve over time. When painting a home’s interior for sale, it’s advantageous to consider what interior colour trends are expected to be successful that year. 


Be sure to choose neutral and muted options when using on-trend colour palettes.

Impress New Home Buyers with Quality Painting Services

After choosing an interior wall paint colour that potential buyers will love, be sure to employ professional and detail-oriented painters to carry out the paint job. In the Greater Victoria Area, Moloney Painting provides superior interior painting services that builders, homeowners, and commercial property owners rely on. To secure the best painters available for your development project, book your free consultation today.