Tips to Choose A Perfect Wall Paint Colour for Your Home Office

Recent events are forcing people to adapt to a new yet very familiar work environment -their homes. What many are learning about shifting to a remote work environment for an extended time is that it’s essential to have the right atmosphere to work from. If you’re in the process of setting up a home office, use our following wall paint colour selection tips to create your perfect home office space. 

How Can Wall Paint Colour Impact Your Home Office?

It’s been scientifically proven that colour can impact a person’s mood. Officially known as colour psychology, our mind’s response to a room can be influenced by the colours present in the space. Interior designers often use colour psychology to:

  • Encourage productivity.
  • Promote creativity.
  • Enhance relaxation.
  • Increase energy.

The colour selected for your home office’s wall colour will undoubtedly affect your own work environment and productivity levels. Therefore, before deciding which colour palette to incorporate in your home office decor, think about what you want to achieve when in the office space.

Choose Blue Wall Paint For Focus And Concentration

Interior wall painted blue

Select a cool blue wall colour for your home office if it will be used primarily for tasks that require attention to detail and concentration. Data management projects, administrative duties, or other office-related responsibilities can be positively affected by the presence of blue tones. The colour blue is known to aid in concentration and also has a calming effect. 

If the office space is small or has minimal natural light, opt for lighter blue tones for your interior wall paint. This will help to create the appearance of an open and airy space. Consider adding a grounding, or balancing effect to the area with layers of texture in darker shades of blue. For example, incorporate office accessories, like stationary and organization tools or an upholstered chair in various hues of blue. 

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Use Yellow Tones For Harmony and Positivity

Yellow promotes good feelings, like cheerfulness and joy, and is effective at keeping an upbeat and positive mood in a home office setting. For jobs that require continual encouragement and optimism, like sales managers, life-coaches, or educators, for example, the colour yellow is a good choice. 

Another benefit of the colour yellow is it can increase concentration and creative thinking, making it a popular choice for student lounges and in creative agency workspaces. If you’re going to be sharing the new home office space with a student, consider a sunny yellow paint colour, like Lemon-Twist by Sherwin-Williams.

Opt for Red Interior Paint For An Active Workspace

Red, known for evoking a physical response, can be used in spaces where movement and active motivation is desired. If your routine work tasks require high physical activity, like online gym instructors, fitness trainers, or motivational coaches, red can add a boost to your at-home workspace.

Looking for other ways to incorporate the high energy of red in your home? Red is a popular colour for accents in kitchens because it’s believed to enhance the flavour of food.

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Go With Green For Balance and Intellect

Interior walls painted green

Spending time outdoors in nature is considered to have a positive impact on our psyche and well-being. This may be why the colour green promotes feelings of balance, which is ideal for intellectual work. If your work blends creative and logical thinking, green is a solid choice for your workspace wall colour.


Writers, graphic designers, or website developers -professionals who rely on creative and organizational skills, should consider incorporating green for their home office wall paint and decor.

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