7 Reasons Why Exterior Painting Services Saves Money!

At first look, the price of hiring painting professionals in Victoria can seem very costly. However, once the many aspects involved in quality exterior painting services are broken down, it’s easy to see the value of your investment. If homeowners don’t understand the complexities of an exterior painting project, it can be tempting to choose seemingly less expensive, do-it-yourself options. Unfortunately, many who opt to refinish their property’s exterior themselves end up spending just as much, if not more, than if they had hired a qualified painting team from the beginning.

To save money and have exquisite results able to outlast most DIY paint jobs, choose a trusted, professional Victoria painting company. If it’s unclear how hiring skilled tradespeople will save you money on your exterior house painting job, keep reading. We have seven important reasons below that explains why.

Exterior Painting Services in Victoria Include Prep Work

Prepping your house’s exterior for painting is probably the most critical step of the painting process. Adequately prepared surfaces are essential to achieve quality results that are both exquisite and able to withstand changing conditions and seasons. 

Experienced teams know precisely how to prepare a house’s outdoor surfaces for painting, thereby benefiting your wallet in the long run. Additionally, they can identify maintenance issues many homeowners may not realize are potentially problematic and expensive to repair if left unattended. 

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Painting Pros Know Paint

Applying stain to new wood siding

Paint product selection is important because it directly impacts the durability and appearance of completed exterior painting projects. Painters consider multiple factors to select the right paint for an exterior job. Examples of what painting contractors examine when choosing the best paint product for their clients are:

  • What is the material of the surface being coated? 
  • What material is currently on the surface? 
  • How will the paint withstand weather conditions?

Qualified contractors have the experience to determine which surface product will suit their clients best.They can suggest which options will meet the needs of the project while staying within budget.

Your Time Is Valuable

Major home maintenance projects take time and effort. Finding the required hours to take on large tasks isn’t easy for most homeowners. For those that do, they often have to sacrifice vacation days and paid work to get the job done.  

Even when the hours to paint are scheduled, they can’t be certain weather conditions will work in their favour. A guaranteed way to get the job done without interfering with work or vacation time is to hire the pros for unmatched efficiency.

Qualified Professionals Have the Right Tools

Tackling exterior house painting requires specialty tools and equipment that aren’t cheap to purchase. Beyond needing quality paintbrushes and rollers, gear needed for outdoor resurfacing tasks includes extendable ladders, safety harnesses, or even scaffolding.

Investing in specialty equipment without the intention of using it again isn’t good value. Much better use of your cash is to invest in professional services with a company that’s already equipped to handle tough exterior projects.

Professional Exterior Painting Services Last

How long should an exterior paint job last in Victoria? Typically, a well-done exterior paint job should last around ten years, but they can often last longer. Projects that last often do so because the right steps were taken to achieve those results.

Many DIY paint projects can’t match the same level of durability provided by skilled painters. When you hire painting contractors, you get the “one-and-done” effect, which saves you from shelling out cash on the same project for a long time.

Stay Safe and Keep Working

exterior house painter working on dormer

Safe working conditions are essential, both in your work environment and when completing home maintenance tasks. One noticeable difference between exposing yourself to personal safety risks taken at home vs. at work is you’re likely not covered by insurance if injured at home.

Off the job injuries can be very costly if it leads to missed time from work, medical costs, and therapy treatments. Exterior painting and maintenance present higher risk potential than most other home projects. Save yourself from potential injury and lost wages by hiring those with the right safety gear and liability insurance to paint your home.

Exceptional Results Increase Value

Enticing curb appeal is an excellent way to increase a home’s value. A good looking building exterior tells potential buyers the property they’re considering is well maintained, boosting desire from buyers to invest. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home in the near future, adding equity to your home with quality workmanship is always a profitable decision.

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