Professional Painting Services will Help Sell Your Victoria, BC Home in 2020

Selling a house is a significant undertaking that requires a homeowner’s full attention. If you’re considering selling your Victoria, BC home in 2020, keep reading. This article is full of valuable tips gathered by the experienced Moloney Painting team, a team that has helped Victoria BC homeowners sell homes with their professional painting services since 1991.


Break-Up with the Property

It’s important to separate yourself from any emotional attachment you may have with a property before putting it on the market. Selling a home is a process that often is as emotionally taxing on homeowners as it is labour intensive. To eliminate much of the emotional stress you might feel during the selling process, let go of the property. Accept that the property your selling has finished serving its intended purpose for you. Mentally break-up with your home and allow the property to make room for a new homeowner.

Create a Blank Slate

Woman packing for a move

Once you view the home you’re selling as a property that needs marketing, it’s time to turn it into a blank slate to draw in those qualified buyers. Give the house a fresh start (and get ahead on your packing tasks!) by removing personal touches you used to define the home as yours. Pack up family photos and keepsakes, and consider having bold coloured walls toned down with quality, professional painting services. Put away any hobby equipment, collection displays, or sports memorabilia – anything that buyers may view as distracting. The less of you a potential buyer sees, the easier it will be for them to envision the home as their own.


Notice the Details

Potential buyers will scrutinize the property you’re selling with a fine-tooth comb. Be prepared for this; be sure to go over the home just as thoroughly as a buyer would, if not more so! Prepare a list of issues you find and decide how to address them. If you choose to leave them as-is, be sure to let your realtor and potential buyers know. The asking price may need adjusting to reflect the costs a new homeowner may need to deal with. Don’t be tempted to overlook or avoid informing potential buyers of any issues; it looks much better when the seller is forthcoming with potential buyers about unresolved repairs. For items that you choose to take care of, also let your realtor know to prove the home’s reliable and robust maintenance history.


Don’t DIY Down the Price

As financially tempting as it may be to tackle home repairs and maintenance tasks on your own before listing a property, don’t take on more than what your skills allow. Home renovations done poorly are often worse than improvements left undone. For example, if your painting DIY skills aren’t good enough to make a living wage from, then try delegating those tasks to a professional painting company. When homeowners take on jobs they’re not qualified to do, the property can decrease in value. Save your time, money, and efforts. Better yet, invest in hiring trained professionals known to produce quality results in the Victoria, BC area. 


Create a Quality Product 

professional interior painter

Just like with any product or service you choose, the quality associated with a product largely determines its value. This idea is very accurate in today’s real estate market; Victoria, BC, home sellers in 2020 should try to create a high quality product to be competitive. A sure-fire way is by relying on the advice and services of local professionals who know the industry, take pride in the services they offer, and are committed to providing you with top results.


Hire Professional Painters To Sell Your Victoria, BC Home Easily

Turn your home into a blank slate, impress potential buyers, and ultimately create a sellable product with interior and exterior house painting services in Victoria, BC, from Moloney Painting. Our reliable and competent commercial painting team is an excellent investment option when selling your home, and will provide you with the value you need to maximize the home’s selling price. Get in touch with our team today.