3 Ways A Fresh Interior Paint Job can Boost Your Business

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Competition in business, independent of the sector, is a fact of life for business owners in Victoria, BC. For an easy, affordable way to stay competitive, and boost multiple levels of your business, consider a fresh interior paint job. Ideally, choose quality services from Victoria’s commercial painting specialists at Moloney Painting.

In this article, we’re going to show why updating your commercial interior space with a fresh coat of paint is beneficial to your business. Additionally, we’ll share valuable tips business owners should consider when selecting a commercial space’s interior colours. To learn three of the ways our interior painting services can boost your business, continue reading.


Enhance Product Appeal

Displaying products in a way that your customers find appealing and attractive requires more than just the perfect product. Effective product displays should be designed to shine a spotlight on your product’s best qualities and compel your customers to lean in a bit closer. If the interior space surrounding your display doesn’t compliment your product, you may be losing out on potential customers. 

Attract customers to your Victoria, BC retail space with a sleek, new interior painting job. When your store, salon, or office interior is looking it’s best, your product and services will look even better, resulting in more significant traffic and sales. 

Pro-Tip #1: Let your product create the buzz

For businesses that focus on product sales, keep the interior painting colours simple, neutral, and fresh. Allow the quality craftmanship from your professional painting contractor to enhance the appearance of your products, not overshadow.



Improve Customer Experience

Creating a welcoming environment for your clients can encourage higher sales. Improving your commercial space’s interior feel can easily be accomplished with a coat of fresh paint, applied by expert painters, of course. Quality painting services from Moloney Painting’s professional painting contractors are an ideal solution to improve your business’ connection with Victoria, BC clients. The reason interior updates improve business is people feel better when they’re in a space that’s well cared for and up-to-date. And when people feel better, they tend to spend more of their time and money at that location.

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Pro-tip #2: Storefront Interior Colours Matter

Set the mood with the right colour on your retail space’s walls. Use colour psychology to your business’s advantage and create an experience you know your customers will love. Yellow evokes feelings of happiness and contentment, suitable for fresh, friendly, and high energy businesses, like a bike shop or juice bar. Green creates balance and a sense of peace, consider the emerald shade for manifesting a calm environment, such as a spa or yoga studio.


Inspire Employee Productivity

Just as clients feel better in manicured and maintained commercial spaces, we think your employees will as well. Improving an interior workspace with quality commercial painting services in Victoria BC will boost the morale of your company’s employees. When people feel good about where they work, they tend to work more efficiently and have improved results in productivity.


Pro-tip#3: Keep office colours cool, not sterile.

To increase productivity in an office environment, avoid stark whites that give off a “clinical” or unfeeling vibe. Instead, try tones of blue. Blue stimulates the mind and helps to improve focus. 



Interior Refresh by Moloney Painting: A Great Way to Boost Your Business Space This Winter

Professional painting services from the expert team at Moloney Painting have been refreshing and updating commercial interiors in the Greater Victoria Area since 1991. With almost 30 years of top-quality services under our belt, we know what’s important to Victoria, BC business owners. That’s why we deliver exquisite, quality results our customers love


For more ideas on how to refresh your commercial space’s interior walls, contact us. We’re happy to help your Victoria, BC business reach the next level of success.

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