Vancouver Island: Inspiring 2020’s Top Interior Paint Colors

blue interior wall living room

Interior wall color trends in 2020 are expected to be bold, rugged, and cheerful, much like our surrounding scenery on Vancouver Island. Deep tones, full-bodied color palettes, and lush textural accents are on point as we head into the next decade. As we approach 2020, now is the perfect time to update your interior paint with natural and evocative inspiration from our west coast. Let’s take a cue from what we already appreciate and love. It’s just right outside our door, the epic landscape of Greater Victoria.


dark blue wall paintStormy Seas

Dark, midnight blues and daunting greys are as evocative in the home as they are outside. Incorporate the strength and serenity of our Northern Pacific Ocean’s rolling waves into your next interior design with top-quality painting services from Moloney Painting. Choose premium-quality interior paint to add a rich, ultra-luxe feeling to your living space. Other helpful tips we recommend for this color are:

  • Use textural accents with midnight blues to create a vibrant, indulgent space.
  • Add velvet, metallic details, and geometric shapes.
  • Try Rainstorm, a deep midnight hue from Sherwin-Williams.


jungle green wall paint in living spaceRugged Woods

Backcountry trail hiking is a favored activity amongst Vancouver Island residents and visitors. Let the colors of our island’s unspoiled beauty transform your interior into a place of serene living.

Emerald green tones, like Plateau from Cloverdale Paints, are ideal as an interior paint color for your hallway, dining room, or living room. Also, anywhere else that you want to promote a feeling of harmony.

For a genuinely balanced effect, try pairing the deep, tranquil tone with light wood accents. As well, contact our residential painting experts for color selection advice. 


Cherry Blossom Bright

cherry blossom pink interior wallIf springtime strolls amongst Victoria’s cherry blossom-lined streets are your fave iconic Vancouver island activity, then 2020 is the interior painting year for you! In 2020, the color pink is set to take center stage in the world of interior design. Not just as an accent color, either. Soft pinks, bright blushes, and deep corals and going to be accessible on interior walls. For guaranteed results, utilize the expertise of a professional painting company.

  • To create a room inspired by Victoria’s springtime Cherry Blossoms trees, use Cloverdale’s Bright Pink and pair it with white accents and details. Add natural texture and depth with moss green colored plants and decor items.




For the times we can’t escape to the outdoors, Vancouver Island’s beauty and rugged appeal can be brought indoors. With interior painting services from Moloney Painting, you can bring 2020’s on-trend serene, west coast appeal into your home, office, or workspace. No raingear required!