How to Extend the Life of Your Interior Wall Paint

living room painted with neutral tones

Do you love how a freshly painted room can breathe new energy and focus to an interior space? Both at home and in the workplace? Fresh wall paint is an elegant and exceptional way to transform and invigorate any room, home, or office. While it does take considerable effort to properly paint interior walls, when quality craftsmanship is used during the process, the pay-off is worth the effort.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make that “fresh-paint-feeling” last longer than expected.

Why? A well-painted room presents itself as a place people want to be. To relax in, to spend time together, and to do work. And, if the interior painting is of high quality, the painted space should remain enticing for a long time. Ultimately, that’s what we want for our interior spaces, right? That’s what Moloney Painting provides to our clients in Victoria, BC.

As you plan your next interior painting project in Victoria, BC, be sure to include steps that will keep your walls looking good for years to come! Our best tip? Trust skilled professionals. Trained experts who are devoted to the painting industry will provide quality work, use top-quality paint and, complete the task with minimal disruptions to your home or workspace. 

As professional painters for over 25 years, we’ve learned a thing or two about interior painting at Moloney Painting. We proudly bring that knowledge and craftsmanship to each of our jobs. We use strict quality protocols at all of our interior painting jobs in the Greater Victoria Area. When choosing a professional painting service for your interior painting project, be sure they use the following steps.

Properly Prepare Your Walls for Painting

Preparing interior walls properly before painting is critical to every excellent paint job. Without proper preparation, the results can look sloppy, messy, and give the room a poor appearance. Key steps to interior wall painting preparation include:


  • Protecting furniture and floors from potential paint spills.
  • Minor repairs to walls.
  • Gently clean surfaces to be painted.
  • Taping around baseboards and trim to be protected during painting.
  • Caulking around trim if needed.


Use Only High-Quality Paint

Paint cans an colour wheelThe quality of paint used for your interior painting project impacts the overall effect and results of your interior painting project; paint quality importance is right up there with colour selection! Paint formulations have evolved over the years; they have become high-tech products with different intended applications, abilities, and quality. Trust your professional painting company to assist in the selection of paint for your interior spaces. Sophisticated paint options available in today’s interior paint options include antimicrobial, mildew resistant, and mold-fighting. All good things to consider in Victoria’s humid environment!


Select the Right Tools…..

Paintbrushes, rollers, and sprayers may have the same function (getting paint up on your walls!), but they don’t function equally. A project’s scope, stage, and layout are all factors when determining which tool is best to use in the production of a beautiful, flawless, and clean wall surface. painters tools


…..And Use Them Right!

In addition to using only top-notch tools and supplies for all of our projects, Moloney Painting’s trained professionals have the experience and know-how that consistently provides our clients with interior painting results that exceed their expectations

Our ability to handle all types of interior painting projects makes us a top choice for all interior painting needs in Vancouver Island’s garden city, Victoria BC.


Routine Maintenance

Upon completion of your interior paint job, there are some easy steps home and business owners can take to keep their walls looking fresh and inviting. Just like with any investment in a quality product, taking the time to protect that investment goes a long way. Moloney Painting recommends the following interior paint maintenance tips after we’ve cleaned up and gone home.


  • Clean your walls. Keeping your walls grime and dust-free will add longevity to the appearance of your interior walls. Use a mild detergent and gently wipe down walls regularly to keep them looking new.
  • Touchup damages. Damage to painted interior walls is typical but can become an eyesore if left unfixed. To fix minor imperfections, like scratches or scuffs, keep some paint from your interior paint job to use for touching up any future blemishes imperfections.


Long Live Your Interior Paint!

The lifespan of an interior painting project is highly dependant on the quality of the painting job itself. If an interior space has been painted using high standards, like those used by professionals at Moloney Painting, the results will last decidedly longer than if lower standards and products are used. Once the interior painting job is done, regular maintenance is all that is required to keep that fresh paint look lasting for a long time!

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