7 Need-to-Know Tips for Choosing Quality Commercial Exterior Painters

Rejuvenating your commercial or business property with exterior painting services is an excellent way to infuse new energy and excitement into your business. Updating a building’s exterior with fresh, on-trend colours is an easy, fun, and impressive way to engage your existing customers while attracting the attention of new ones. 

For your exterior project to be a success, selecting the right team is essential. The painting company you choose will directly impact the quality and potential success of your investment. Be sure to hire professionals that have your property’s best interests in mind.

How can you decide if a painting company is right for you? Listen to the advice of those in the know: professional painters! Keep reading for seven pro-painter approved tips to help you find the exterior painting company that’s right for your commercial project.

Read Reviews

Research any company you’re considering online for testimonials and reviews from previous clients. Trustworthy painting companies will have positive client recommendations and feedback that should be easy to access online. Visit well-trusted sites like Yelp, Houzz, and Google for sources of honest and reliable feedback. When a company you’re considering has positive reviews across multiple online platforms, it’s a good indication they’re competent professionals.

Go With Experience

Professional painting companies with years of experience are more likely to provide consistent and reliable results than those with less practice in the painting profession. More background from your painting team will lead to an outcome with great attention to detail, fewer errors, and a higher likelihood of avoiding potential problems.

Discuss Communication

Speak directly with all potential painting contractors, and determine if your communication skills are compatible. Exterior painting projects require both sides to communicate effectively in case concerns or issues arise. If you have a hard time discussing your project with a potential contractor, or have a sense they don’t have your best interests at heart, move on. There are highly-qualified pros elsewhere that are eager to meet your expectations!

Bonded, Licensed and Insured

As with all investments and large projects, potential risks need to be considered. A quality painting company that cares for the safety of its employees, customers, and client property will have the right documentation to demonstrate those values. Companies that possess up-to-date licenses, insurance, and are also bonded will likely provide a hassle-free and trustworthy project experience.

Expect Free Estimates

The freedom to find the right painting company for your project shouldn’t come with a price tag. Reliable professionals know this and will not ask you to pay for the initial consultation and estimate services. If you do encounter a contractor who wants to charge you for an estimate, do yourself a favour and walk away.

Avoid Business Interruptions

Most exterior painting projects shouldn’t affect the running of a commercial property’s daily operations. Quality professionals have the equipment and know-how to work with minimal interruptions to the occupants. With that being said, all projects are unique, and their needs must be evaluated individually. However, a good painting contractor will work with the client to maximize business operations during a project.

Look for Accreditations and Associations

Quality ratings and accreditations are an excellent source to use when looking to hire a painting company for an exterior project. In Victoria, BC, painting contractors should belong to and be in good standing with the local office of the Better Business Bureau

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