5 Must-Follow Tips For a Beautiful Deck and Fence

Routine care of a home’s outdoor landscaping -including deck and fence maintenance, is a great way to amp your homes’ curb appeal. While vibrant summer blooms and luscious green lawns are the expected eye candy of outdoor displays, a beautiful-looking deck and fence goes a long way too.  Well-maintained wooden decks, fences, and patios provide the perfect backdrop that allow your garden to shine while creating a comfortable outdoor living space.

To keep your home’s deck and fence looking beautiful every season, it’s important to recoat them regularly with paint or stain. Not sure where to start? Keep reading. Top painters in Victoria, BC, have compiled the following must-follow tips for keeping fence and deck surfaces looking their best! 


Top Painters in Victoria Know Preparation is Key

The number one rule to every successful painting project is preparation is vital. Regardless of surface material, a rigorous and thorough preparation approach cannot be overlooked. What are the hallmarks of good prep procedure?

  • Know the material being stained/painted.
  • Remove old paint/stain.
  • Clean the surface.
  • Treat mold/mildew spots.
  • Repair damaged surfaces.

Once your fence and deck surfaces are properly cleaned and prepared, it’s time to choose which product to use to coat your freshly prepared surface.


Paint or Stain? How to Choose?

Deck stain and paint are very different products, both can be used to coat wooden outdoor surfaces. Taking the time to choose the right one for your paint job will not only improve your home’s appearance, but can also help sell your Victoria, BC home.

The biggest difference between paint and stain is how they interact with surfaces. Paint sits on the surfaces it’s being applied to, whereas stain is absorbed by the material. How do you decide which is best for your project? Start by answering these questions.

  • What type of wood are you resurfacing? Know what material you’re working with. Cedar products are best suited for stains. Paint can reduce the lifespan of cedar boards and planks. Pressure treated lumber can be painted or stained easily. 
  • How long do you want it to last? Stained surfaces generally can go longer between re-finishing than painted surfaces.
  • What color do you want to use? Paint offers more variety for color selection than stain allows for. However, stain offers a more natural look.

Use Professional Quality Painting Tools

Using quality tools to re-coat a deck or fence matters to achieve results equivalent to professional exterior painting services. Before applying paint or stain, be sure your tools are intended for use on the material you’re finishing and, for the product you are applying.

When staining wood, use a brush that’s wide and has natural bristles. Natural bristles are best for most stain products. The natural fibres can pick up good amounts of stain product and easily release it to be absorbed by the wood.

Painting wood requires brushes different than ones used for staining. When painting wood, use brushes with synthetic bristles. Also, use the right size of brush for the area being painted. This can help control the amount of paint being applied, and prevent unsightly drips from occurring. 


Good Weather is Worth the Wait

Waiting for the right weather conditions to resurface your deck and fence will ensure your efforts  last for years to come. Having patience will save you money, time, and guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with the results. In the Greater Victoria Area, this can be tricky due to our climate’s often rainy and windy weather conditions. 

For an exceptional looking deck and fence this season, be prepared to pounce on warm, sun-filled days, with minimal wind. In fact, you should adhere to this rule for all exterior painting projects you take on -both residential and commercial.


Consider a Professional Approach

Deck refinishing and fence refinishing are both major projects requiring multiple steps. Having enough time, using the proper tools, and preparing the wood properly will produce favourable results that can enhance the look and value of your home or business. However, if you’re not able to commit the required time or able to invest in the right tools, consider bringing in outside help. 


Hiring professional painters for your deck and fence project will guarantee exquisite results and can actually save you money. When considering which options are best to get a great looking fence and deck in Victoria, BC,  this season, be sure to consult with the top painters at Moloney Painting. Moloney Painting is a local, family-run commercial and house painting company operating in the Greater Victoria area since 1991.