7 Tips to Select the Right Paint Colours for Your Business

Are you struggling to decide which paint colours to use for your office, business, or non-profit organization’s renovation project? Choosing a paint colour for a commercial painting project can be tricky; it often requires considering multiple factors during the decision process. The most frequently asked questions we receive from business owners regarding paint colour selection include:

  • How many colours of paint should I select?
  • What paint colour will last the longest?
  • I want the space to be brighter, but not sterile; how can we achieve this?

Each of those questions is great, but they shouldn’t be the first questions to ask in the paint colour selection process. What should it be? At Moloney Painting, we recommend that clients think about what they want the paint colour to do for their business before committing to a colour scheme. 

Let Your Business Goal Guide Your Paint Colour Choice

Before you decide on a colour palette for your interior painting project, first consider what you’d like the space to accomplish. Ask yourself what goal do you want to achieve within your workspace? 

Perhaps you want to boost employee productivity in your downtown Victoria office or attract more customer foot traffic through your Cook Street Village storefront doors. Do you want to create a calming atmosphere in a dental office or add an energetic vibe to a health-focused juice bar? 

Once you’ve determined the energy and intention you’d like to promote in your space, consider employing the power of colour psychology to decide which hue works best. Continue reading to learn how the workspace is impacted by colour selection.

Blue Wall Paint Can Increase Office Productivity

Blue, and light blue colours, like Periwinkle, are often used in office workspaces where quiet and focused desk work is required, such as an accounting office or law firm. Blue is known to have a calming and positive effect on the human mind allowing for higher concentration levels and reducing stress and anxiety.

Choose Green Wall Paint to Ease Strain and Tension

green interior wall

Green is a contemplative colour that symbolizes nature and natural living ideologies. In Victoria, BC, we are surrounded by different tones and shades of green as it’s a decadent part of our local environment. In workspaces, green tends to ease eye strain and tension. This makes green a solid choice as a wall colour for a commercial painting project with mostly computer and reading tasks — such as a web development office or graphic design studio.

Yellow Paint Colours Brighten A Customer’s Mood

Yellow, the colour of sunshine, adds energy and cheerfulness to the spaces where employed. As a wall colour in a business environment, yellow can help create an uplifting experience and draw customers into a retail storefront. Bright yellow doesn’t have to be the only yellow for an uplifting effect. For a luxurious but low-key wall colour, — ideal for a jewelry store or art gallery, consider champagne-yellow hues.

Use Orange Paint Colours to Amp Energy

orange interior walls

Orange, the colour of movement and motivation, can turn a dull interior room into a hive of buzzing activity. Add positive energy and physical movement to active spaces, such as health gyms or sports facilities, with the colour orange and custom professional painting services.

White Paint Colour Invokes Purity, Cleanliness, and Trust

White can be stark, but when done correctly, with soft whites and matte finish, white is a symbol of cleanliness and purity. For medical facilities and health businesses — such as a nail spa or chiropractic office, white wall colours can offer a sense of trust and assurance to incoming clients.

Brown Adds Comfort and Dependability

Earth tones, such as brown, beige, or tan, can help set clients and co-workers at ease and provide a sense of strength and dependability. Often seen in accents, such as leather furniture and wooden desks, brown can be a beneficial colour as part of a new paint colour scheme for an office or financial services branch.

Boost Colour Choice & Business With Quality Professional Painting Services

Paint colour is an integral part of any work environment. It should be considered carefully when creating a space that will have a positive impact on your business goals. Proper paint colour selection coupled with professional painting services, will help deliver the perfect boost to your organization or workspace. If you are in the Greater Victoria Area, combine exquisite craftsmanship with intuitive paint colour selection with help from the professional team at Moloney Painting.