6 Ways Top Property Managers Save With Professional Painting Services

Property managers in the Victoria area know the challenges and demands that inevitably come with balancing a building’s maintenance tasks with tenant needs and regulations. At Moloney Painting, we know that preserving the structure and appearance of a multi-dwelling housing complex or strata development largely depends upon the dedicated professionals a property manager chooses to rely on, such as commercial painters.

How do we know?

We’ve been part of the commercial painting industry in the Greater Victoria area since 1991; we’ve seen first hand how top property management teams benefit from expert painting services to control a building’s operating costs. 

Today, we’re sharing six ways that quality commercial painting services — such as those from Moloney Painting — can save property managers from overspending, save time, and increase operational efficiency. Sound good? Keep reading for more information.

Reliable Painting Services Reduce Vacancy Time 

The time between tenants in a rental unit needs to be short and sweet. In an ideal world, every tenant exit interview would be met with gleaming surfaces and perfectly undamaged walls. However, the reality is often far from that picture-perfect moment.

When maintenance is required before new tenants can occupy the space, it’s essential for property managers to minimize the time needed for completing repairs and updates. And, when walls need to be refreshed and rejuvenated, relying on professional painters to get the job done in as short a time frame as possible is the best way to go.

Shorten the time between occupants and streamline operations in the Victoria area by employing reliable and reputable commercial painters.

Next-Day Commercial Painters Save Time and Money

Month-end is a busy time for property managers and the tradespeople supporting them. Having an efficient and responsive team able to tackle urgent painting jobs with minimal notice saves property managers both time and money.

When one of our property managers on contract calls the office at Moloney Painting, they’re confident a reputable and experienced commercial painting team will be on-site when needed. And, they know they won’t be forking out expensive last-minute fees other companies may charge if not already on an established contract.

Quality Painting Services Lowers Strata Maintenance Costs 

When walls are adequately prepped before the paint is applied, wall paint can last for years. Combine quality paint with equally exceptional painting services, and the need for painting between tenants can be minimized. This is an easy way to limit maintenance costs for buildings with multiple residents.

High-Tech Paint Protects Walls from Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew is an issue for many homeowners and property managers in the Greater Victoria Area. If mold does take hold in a resident’s living space, the property management team may be on the hook for costly repairs and remediation measures.

Protect your property by using high-tech paint that actually kills mold growing on wall surfaces. Additionally, these futuristic products can prevent future mold spores from taking hold onto freshly coated walls. Taking the time to apply mold killing paint can keep tenants healthy and buildings safe from damage.

Insured Commercial Painters Protect Your Bottom Line

While professional painting companies should be insured and bonded before stepping onto any commercial or residential property, sometimes that isn’t the case. And, if an under-insured — or uninsured — crew has an accident while working on a job site, that could result in significant costs incurred to the real estate management company. Before allowing a commercial painting crew to work on your company’s property, be sure they carry the appropriate insurance and are bonded

Experienced Local Painters Guarantee Quality Results

Property managers need professional painters that understand the demands and challenges they face to keep a property well maintained and operating smoothly. And, they need those painters to deliver quality results on time. At Moloney Painting, we understand the importance of providing quality results at affordable prices. For more information on how we can help your property management company streamline painting services, contact our team.