Industrial Painting Tips for Property & Project Managers

How professional painters approach an industrial painting project is quite different from a residential exterior painting job. Often, industrial painting endeavours require a more thorough approach that must also accommodate a business’s timeframe and any unique working conditions that may be present. And, when property managers are seeking a painting company for an industrial project, it’s important to select one that can handle the job.


In addition to finding the right commercial painting crew, a commercial painting project manager should prepare to carry out several other planning tasks.


Select the Right Paint System for the Property

When choosing which paint to use for any painting project, there are important considerations to be made that go beyond which colours to use! Understanding what type of paint is suitable for a project is much more important to the ultimate appearance and durability of a project than the right colour selection. When choosing a paint system for a commercial or industrial project, consider the following:


Surface Material 

The surface material being re-coated is instrumental in determining which paint system will be needed. For example, suppose an auto mechanic in Sidney, BC, hires professional painters for painting the exterior concrete walls. In that case, they should select a paint that can easily adhere to cement. Using a paint product designed for masonry will yield the best results.


Environmental Impact

How a paint product interacts with its surrounding environment should be reviewed as part of a project manager’s paint selection process. Paints are high-tech products, and each can impact an environment differently, for both interior and exterior jobs.


A Langford dental office that opts for a zero-emission paint product is more likely to continue offering comfortable care to patients than if they had chosen one with high emissions. A less expensive, smelly, and potentially hazardous paint product may cut costs, but can be more challenging to work through its application process.


Understand the Project’s Budget

Planning a significant painting project requires taking a good look at the available budget and planning what to do if unforeseen costs are incurred. To avoid going over budget, be sure to get quotes from reliable painting companies with experience in commercial painting project management. An experienced commercial painting company will be able to accurately assess the project and provide an accurate estimate or quote.


Know Your Project Timeline

Keeping a project on-time is as important as staying on budget. The sooner a project can be completed, the sooner a commercial business can get back to a disruption-free workplace. A great way to guarantee minimal disruption to the workplace while a painting project is underway is to hire industrial painters willing to work within the required hours.


Flexible Working Hours

If, for example, a daycare in Saanich wants a custom painted play area, but maybe closing the centre for the painters to work isn’t ideal. In that case, they should hire a painting contractor willing to work outside the care centre’s hours.


Be Prepared for Safety 

Property managers overseeing an industrial painting project should insist the contractors on-site operate as safely as possible. Finding a painting crew with a proven safety record will help maintain safe working conditions for all contractors and employees working on the project.


Property Managers on Vancouver Island 

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