In-Home Painting Services Can Benefit Your Family’s Wellbeing

When thinking of ways to improve your family’s health and wellbeing, it’s doubtful that interior painting services will cross your mind! Refreshing wall paint in your family’s home isn’t a good substitute for proper nutrition and regular exercise. However, several benefits of fresh interior paint can help increase wellness in your household.

Prevent Mold Growth with In-Home Painting Services

Indoor mould growth is a health hazard and should be prevented. If mould is suspected to exist in a home, it’s essential to have a professional inspect and remedy the problem. If left untreated, mould growth can cause harmful health conditions to develop among household residents.

A practical method for preventing mould from growing on walls and ceilings is by coating surfaces with high-tech paint designed to kill mould. Mould-killing primers and paints can resist bacteria and mould spores from penetrating walls for roughly four to six years.

Most modern paints contain low levels of volatile organic compounds, meaning no one in your family will breathe in harmful chemicals during the interior house painting process.

In-Home Painting Services Can Improve Your Family’s Mood

Scientific research has shown that the colours surrounding us can impact and alter a person’s feelings and mood. Businesses have used colour psychology in their brand and advertising materials for years to influence consumer behaviours. 

Have you ever noticed financial institutions often incorporate shades of blue in their logo and branding materials? That’s not by chance; blue is a colour known to create feelings of trust and stability.

Colour Psychology

Colour psychology can be used in residential living spaces as well. Create an improved sense of calm in a bedroom or bathroom with light shades of blue or grey. Incorporate oranges and yellows in a kitchen for a happy and cheerful space.

If you need help selecting a colour for your interior space, contact Caio at Moloney Painting. A painting professional for several years, Caio can help you choose the best colour to boost your family’s mood in your home.

Improve A Home’s Value with In-Home Painting Services

Buying a new home is often the largest investment a person will make within their lifetime. To protect that investment, homeowners must keep up with the maintenance and repairs of the property. And, interior painting services are a great example of home care and maintenance measures that can provide peace of mind.

When the time comes to recoat your home’s interior walls, prevent mistakes that can potentially reduce your home’s value by hiring trusted painting contractors. Residential painting professionals add value to your home by:

  • Properly preparing walls and surfaces.
  • Selecting the right paint products for your surfaces.
  • Guaranteeing excellent results.
  • Updating your home’s appearance.

In-Home Painting Services Add New Energy

Families are continually changing; a family’s home should adapt and grow alongside them as well. Keeping a home relevant to changing life stages is important for every family member to feel comfortable and connected with the space they live in. An easy and cost-effective way to keep a living area relevant to your family is with a fresh paint colour.

Fresh wall paint is a great way to change and define a space’s purpose. For couples expecting their first child, fresh and light wall paint is a welcome touch when decorating a nursery. Many are working and educating from home in 2021. Defining a work space’s boundaries and atmosphere can be achieved with paint.

Turns a House Into a Home With In-Home Painting Services

Returning home after a long day at work or running errands should be a welcoming and happy experience. This is more easily achieved when your home’s interior looks and feels how you and your family enjoy it. Professional interior painting services can turn that dream into a reality. Hiring expert painters to refresh your interior walls, doors, and trim with updated colours that appeal to you will undoubtedly make coming home a pleasant experience.

Improve Wellness With Expert In-Home Painters from Moloney Painting

Moloney Painting is a family-run painting company located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. Operating for thirty years, we provide expert-quality painting services throughout the Greater Victoria Area. When looking to improve your home’s interior and create a more comfortable living space for your family, reach out to our team.