Find the Perfect Shade of White Paint For a New Home Entryway

Entryways are one of the busiest spaces of a home. In addition to greeting homeowners and welcoming guests, entryways are a place to store footwear and outdoor gear and guard against weather and intruders. When choosing a shade of white paint that’s perfect for a new home entryway, there are a few things to consider.

Selecting white paint is often viewed as a blessing or a curse by those making the decision. Although white has been the standard paint colour used for coating walls, home interiors, and even landscaping surfaces, no two shades of white are the same. Subtle differences exist between every white paint that impacts the appearance and atmosphere of interior spaces, including entryways.

Use the following tips from expert painting professionals to find the right shade of white paint for your entryway’s interior walls, trim, and ceiling.

Durable White Paint is Essential In a New Home Entryway

White interior walls

Mud, dirt, rain, and all kinds of outside elements are dragged into a home’s entryway every day. Grime brought in on shoes, clothes, and pet’s paws make it easy for drips and splashes to find their way onto the walls in a doorway’s area. It’s also where shoes and coats are taken off; this can easily cause scuff marks and dings to affect the walls’ appearance and integrity.

To help wall paint endure harsh conditions and to keep walls looking beautiful for years, it’s essential to use a paint product that is durable and robust. This is especially true when using a white paint colour as flaws and imperfections show up more easily than on darker colour walls. 

Examples of quality paint for entryways are:

  • Cloverdale
  • Sherwin Williams

Of course, paint applied by highly reputable painters is a guaranteed way to make your entryway as appealing and inviting as possible.

Use Cool White Paint For a Bright Entryway

Rooms with access to bright, natural light look their best with a white paint tinted with a cool undertone. Cooler tones are ideal for creating a crisp, clear space because they can balance the warmer, golden natural sunlight streams.

Cool white paints have hints of colours from the cold-coloured family that include all blues, greens, and purples.

Entryways with large doors with glass panes, windows, and heavy southern exposure are often best suited to cool-hued white wall colours. The palest of blues, greys, and greens is ideal for creating a welcoming space that is serene and strong.

Warm Up a Dark Entryway With Creamy White Paint

Interior walls painted an off-white colour

Dark and small entryways can seem gloomy if the wrong shade of wall paint is used to coat the walls. White paint makes the perfect solution to open up an area that has minimal exposure to natural light.

However, avoid using off white paint tinted with cool colours as they can amplify gloom in an already dim space. Instead, opt for creamy whites that are warm, cheery and uplifting.

For white walls that are welcoming and add a sense of comfort, choose a paint gently tinted with yellow, red, or orange.

Some of our favourite warm-toned white paints include:

  • French Vanilla by Sherwin-Williams
  • Hidden Paradise by Cloverdale Paint
  • Crescent Moon by Cloverdale Paint

Pure White Paint For a Bold and Dramatic Entryway

If you’re painting an entryway that’s designed to impress, add to its glam with a stark white paint colour on the walls. Bright white is a strong choice to complement and contrast other bold elements in the space, such as dark flooring, black cabinets, or rich wood trim.

Bright white walls can add good energy that’s vibrant and distinct, perfect for high traffic areas such as an entryway, hallway or kitchen. 

Use Sheen To Create Unique Interest

Another way to customize a plain white wall is to consider the different sheen options for your paint. A semi-gloss paint reflects more light than other interior sheen options. This can add drama to an entrance. And, semi-gloss paint is more durable than a satin or eggshell finish which can be beneficial in high traffic areas.

Make Your Entryway Fabulous with Interior Painting Services

White paint is a great choice to transform an entryway space into a clean, warm, and welcoming space. Once you’ve selected your favourite shade of white, be sure to have trained experts ensure your walls look better than ever.

For professional painting services in Victoria, BC, contact Moloney Painting. We’re a local, family-run company with decades of experience in the Southern Vancouver Island. We are happy to help you with all your painting needs.