Selling Your Victoria BC Home? Learn the Best Colours That Will Sell It

When you are trying to sell your home, you want the look of it to appeal to potential buyers rather than to your unique, maybe quirky tastes. The first thing anyone will see when they come to your property is the exterior paint--and this could influence people’s decision making before they even step inside. Here is Moloney Painting’s guide to picking the best paint colours to get your home sold.

Keep It Neutral

While you may prefer the bright or bold, others may not. Neutral colours like beige, light brown, and light green can appeal to the widest range of potential buyers. You can get away with pink if you live in a heritage character house, but for more modern houses you are best off using the most common colours.

Know Your Neighbourhood

Victoria has many distinct neighbourhoods like James Bay, Fernwood and Fairfield. With that said, pay attention to the colours of your neighbours’ houses, too--your area may have a different idea of “common” colours, to do with the local culture. Brightly coloured Maritime homes come to mind.
If your neighbourhood has a bold style, you can follow the crowd. Pay special attention to how the newest built houses are painted. Of course, you may have some potential buyers who come from another part of the country or somewhere else in the world, and they may not care for the unique look. So, you do not have to stick with the neighbourhood theme--knowing the market for your home is important, too. Families may often move to your area for work, rather than for the culture.

Paint Your Door to Impress

Your door can have a bit more character to it in terms of colour, but steer clear of the truly bizarre. Make sure the style and colour of the door fits with the house’s style, whether it is a contemporary or heritage house.
Once you have an idea of which colours you want to use, call Moloney Painting to get the best quality paint on your home in a professional manner. We can help you get ready to sell your Victoria BC home.  

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