Whether you plan to live in your home for a long time or sell it in a few years, keep the following tips from Moloney Painting in mind when choosing your exterior colour theme.
Using multiple colours will not necessarily increase costs or labour time
Unless you want a theme with many intricate details, professional house painters should be able to make your imaginative colour scheme manageable for themselves and you.
Be aware of parts of your property that you cannot change
Your roofing shingles and any brick, stone, or slate features of your home should complement whatever colours you choose. You could even choose a paint colour that is found in flecks in your roofing shingle.
Also consider compatibility with your trees and flowers. If you have a lot of trees, your colours will look darker than they are due to shade, and you should avoid using green to prevent a camouflage effect.
Observe the themes of other houses
Clashing with your neighbours’ colours can be a bad idea. Do use other homes to discover what works in general. Look at both newer and older houses in your area for inspiration.
Know the effects of light and dark colours
Light colours have the following effects:
  • Make a large house on a small lot seem even bigger
  • Reflect the light and heat from the sun, if painted on window sills
  • Make a house appear to be closer to the curb, if it is far away
Dark colours can do the following:
  • Make a house seem more substantial, yet smaller
  • Scale down the height of a house, if painted on the upper portion of it
Choose two colours from the same colour sheet to accent features
One way to choose colours is to use a darker or lighter shade of your main colour to outline your windows and use on your trim and door. Avoid accenting your gutters, air conditioning units, downspouts, and other unappealing features.
Paint a sample section before making a decision
Paint a section that will show you how accented features will work and how colours will change in appearance due to sun and shade throughout the day.
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