When you need painting completed, a good contractor will make the process stress-free. To hire the right painting contractor in Victoria BC, keep Moloney Painting’s guidelines in mind.
#1: Get referrals from friends and acquaintances
The most effective reviews will come from people you know in Victoria. Ask them how satisfied they were with the work then and with the results now. At Moloney Painting, we will on request put you in contact with a few happy clients who would be happy to provide you a testimonial of our services. You could even ask a paint or hardware store who they recommend and why.
#2: Ask at least three contractors for estimates
Getting multiple estimates will give you an idea of whether someone actually is cheaper. If one contractor is significantly cheaper, make sure to find out why.
#3: Ask the right questions
Ask contractors about the following, as well:
#4: Bring the contractor to the project area
To make sure a contractor has all the information they need to give an accurate estimate, bring them to the area to show them what exactly needs painting. They can also inform you of any features that may cause labour time or costs to rise.
When you meet with the contractor, remain aware of their professionalism and their sense of expertise. Throughout the whole decision process you should also keep track of whether they are on time and return your calls in a reasonable amount of time. The best contractors will be busy yet still courteous.
#5: Contact three references
Ask client references directly how satisfied they are. You could even visit their property to see if the paint job is still intact.
#6: Get a detailed contract
An effective contract will state what is being painted, how long the project will take, which colours will be used, how they will prepare and clean the area and protect your property, and when and how payment will occur.  

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