Interior Painting Trends for 2015If you want to paint a room in your home but can’t decide on the colours, learning about the 2015 interior painting trends can give you inspiration. Adding new colour to a room can make a space enjoyable to be in for years to come--these trends will not go out of style, as long as they work with other aspects of the room that you are using them in.
Gender Harmony
A mix of outdoorsy, traditionally masculine colours with soft, feminine colours, this trend uses the idea of a complementary partnership to create a bold look. Colours used include cream, damson plum, and powder pink along with teal, khaki, and grey.
This trend is inspired by the rainforest--perfect for those who love the West Coast and want to bring a bit of it into their home. Paradise greens, Wood Violet, and Coral Reef are the paint colours of choice here.
Inspired by the colours of a butterfly after it emerges from its cocoon, neutral colours and cool, subtle greens and blues make up this trend. The paint colours have nature-inspired names like Black Fox, Moody Blue, White Hyacinth, and Willow Tree.
For those interested in cultures from around the world, take a cue from this trend that uses bold colours inspired by the cultures of South Africa, Brazil, and others. To create this look, mix the contrasting colours of red and blue, black and orange, and green and white to make your room stand out.
If space exploration is more your thing, this is the trend for you. A combination of elegant neutrals like Cloak Grey and the dark Cyberspace with bold colours such as the popular yellow-green Impetuous, the trend will give your room an exciting new mood.
Choosing the paint is only the first step of the process. Once you know what you want your room to look like, give Moloney Painting a call if you are looking for house painters in Victoria BC who can get the job done efficiently, so you can soon enjoy the finished product.

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