Painting can be a time-consuming task and a lot of labour and products go into getting the job done. Because every paint job is different, it is difficult to say what painting costs in Victoria BC are. We at Moloney Painting have a few pieces involved in the process that are taken into the consideration of the overall costs.
First you have to consider the costs of prep work. Before we even begin painting, we prepare the walls using various pieces of equipment and products. Moloney Painting always includes the work we do for prep work in the quote we give to you before we start working. We believe that this makes us different from other paint companies in Victoria. The process of painting does not end with the finished product how it looks today, but with what the paint job will look like in the future. Because of this, we put the necessary effort into preparing the surfaces so your newly painted area can be preserved in their current state for as long as possible. Prep work is an important factor in painting costs in Victoria BC.
Another cost to consider is the paint. We cannot give an estimate here of how much the paint for your project will cost, because it depends on the size of the project and the type of paint that is needed. We take pride in getting our jobs completed the right way, so we use the best quality paints depending on the task.
The last major cost to consider is the cost of labour. This will also depend on the size and type of your project. Painters working for Moloney Painting always aim to be efficient so your work is completed in an appropriate amount of time, and we have the experience necessary to work at an appropriate pace while getting everything completed to your satisfaction.
When you have a residential or commercial painting project that needs to be completed, you can count on us at Moloney Painting to take into consideration all of the costs involved into the free quote we can give you after we have visited your site. We tailor our costs specifically to your project. Contact us to request your free estimate and we will respond to you as soon as possible. We hope this has given you a better idea of painting costs here in Victoria.

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